Date Time City Dept Alarm Level Incident Type Address
22:48:41ChicagoChicago4-11 AlarmWarehouse Fire3710 S California Ave
05:15:40ChicagoChicagoStill & Box AlarmWarehouse Fire3710 S California Ave
Time Incident Notes
22:50:33E65 on scene reporting large body of fire, hydrant access is limited, requesting the box
22:51:202sty, 25x75, fully involved
22:55:35Will be inline operation because of water supply problem
22:58:232-2-1 is on scene
23:00:30Upgraded to 2-11 Alarm
23:05:06 This is a warehouse facility for Romar Transportation Systems, Inc.
23:06:1550x150, inline operations
23:08:01The warehouse is loaded with pallets.
23:08:54Staging area is at 39th and California.
23:14:35Photos of the fire being taken by 4-6-5.
23:15:38Requesting the water department per 2-1-5
23:21:192-1-29 taking command
23:24:53Upgraded to 3-11 Alarm
23:27:03Requesting rehab unit and 2-1-5 assuming command
23:28:242-1-4 on scene and 2-1-3 en route
23:32:17Ops 10 for staging, at 39th and California
23:52:521 aerial, 3 tower ladders, 1 snorkel, original building's roof collapsed and jumped the fire wall
23:58:07CFD Media reports the building and adjoining dock area are fully involved in the fire.
00:02:57Upgraded to 4-11 Alarm
00:06:23CFD Media reports no injuries and no transports.
00:20:19Flames are shooting upwards to about 60 feet at the warehouse facility.
00:23:01CFD Media reports heavy smoke conditions.
00:46:35Railroad just north of the scene is shut down, CFD using hydrants on RR property, lines stretched across tracks
00:50:45CFD Media reports, "Dimensions of the building at the 4-11 alarm fire (are) 60 by 300 (and a) second building 100 by 100 is threatened but fire (has) not yet spread (to it)."
00:56:40The railroad that is to the north of the fire scene is the Canadian National Joliet Subdivision line.
01:00:55Our reporter/photographer at the scene, Paris Lewbel, reports, "The east side of the building has more or less burned itself out. The west side of the building is fully engulfed. Very heavy smoke conditions to the west. Chiefs pulling some companies back due to the discovery of large propane tanks."
01:11:036 master streams working, no exposures at this time, will be there a while
01:20:262-1-4 taking command and striking out the 4-11 alarm, releasing companies in staging, keeping everyone else
01:26:27CFD Media says after the strike out, "Fire department personnel will remain on scene. Heavy smoke condition remain in the area."
01:30:52CFD Media adds, "Factory building is fully involved. Firefighters and paramedics are still working. No injuries no transports at this time."
01:48:42E39 is broken, requesting Fleet at 37th and California
02:44:59All RIT companies released. Batt 13 returning to quarters.
03:05:55Chasing hot spots, only way to overhaul this building is with master streams, 4 master stream still working
05:16:02Re-kindle from earlier 4-11.
05:21:05This will be an extended operation. At least one hour per Batt.15.
05:54:142-2-1 striking out the Still & Box on California. 2 lines in use, cos cutting holes to get water on fire. Cos also still chasing some hot spots.
07:19:452-2-1 reports they are going to start swapping out companies to chase the hot spots. (Shift change)
08:56:07Crews continue to work.